everything is make believe...
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i am class. i only need class. i want only originality and honestly i'm not seeing that.
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DIY Marblized Bottle Tutorial from Poppytalk. I’ve seen a lot of glasses and other objects being marblized with nail polish baths and haven’t posted them because I didn’t think they’d hold up to many washings. But this glass jar is just decorative and very easy to make.
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'The Three Graces'Hand carved porcelain, burnt beech
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Good news bad news best news


The good news:


 I found my favorite old jacket while sorting through my old stuff

The bad news:imageThe last time I wore it I was nine years old

The best news:


I am the anime now

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A delicately choreographed whatever the hell it is they’re doing.

except the all black ones they don’t even seem to care lol

Woah, you’re right. None of the 3 solid black ones move at all.
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more antigravity dipper and wendy haha
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