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i am class. i only need class. i want only originality and honestly i'm not seeing that.
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@coltonlhaynes: Badly lit selfie at work today. #Flash is on #Arrow turf now! Friggin love the Flash peeps! @dpanabaker @tha_los @emilybett @willaaaahh & our awesome director Jesse Warn [x]
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@keahukahuanui: Because I’m actually a 5 year old… #wherewasthiswheniwasakid #adobemax w/ @fonhdavis [x]
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Using my creativity to problem solve! Charger fixed!
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DIY History of Hairstyles Infographic from Enerie Part 2. Part 1 is here.
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How Alynne Lavigne Draws Inspiration…From Dirty-Girl Rap


Hope you’re ready for some major GIF action.


Get a load of that Rye Rye backdrop.

Some listen to Tchaikovsky while they work, but Alynne Lavigne prefers to keep it real. While creating just-tough jewelry, she binges on videos from old- and new-school hip-hop heroines, from TLC to…

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